CPPCC members to discuss work report
This afternoon 2 points, Jinhua Municipal CPPCC fifth sixth meeting incoming packet on the agenda and all the CPPCC members divided into 22 groups of CPC Jinhua Municipal Party Committee Secretary Xu Zhiping speech, Jinhua City, the CPPCC Standing Committee work report and Jinhua Municipal CPPCC Standing Committee report on motions. Figure twentieth group "Jinhua Taiwanese Association and the Jinhua Municipal Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese people invited" to discuss the site.
Chen Zhangfeng, chairman of the Jinhua Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, said that the convening of the members of the Committee in a strong organization and coordination capacity of the backbone, is to complete the task of the bridge and link. Convened people not only to fulfill their duties of members, but also to effectively play the role in the general assembly in organization, guidance, demonstration, coordination and cohesion hearts and to control the situation, the members of the organization on time to participate in the general assembly, elaborate organization consultation and discussion and to assist the Secretariat make proposal collection work, conscientiously do a good job related services, guide every members with full of enthusiasm and actively offer advice and suggestions, the session opened, the success.
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