Non-vacuum-packed food you eat it?
Mr. Jin Huawang Caller: I bought a bag of black sesame paste, are in sachet, production date is January 9, 2005, the shelf life of 18 months. I found this little package bulging, unlike vacuum packaging. Open to have a look, black sesame powder the surface is still good, normal color, no lumps, but I still can not eat. Will this black sesame paste can eat?
    Winner of living small staff: responsible person Jinhua City Food Quality and Technical Supervision Office to explain, in general, involved in product packaging manufacturer's production process, vacuum-packed food should be a flat shape, but some are bulging package . Common sense tell if the package does not leak occurs, the food has no odor or mildew, it should be able to eat. However, if consumers are in doubt, the most direct way is to call the manufacturer of advice, understanding the plant's production process, such packages can know if there are problems.
Water fountains installed in the barrel can it?
    Yiwu Guo call: say drinking water for good health. I thought, if the cooked filling water dispenser barrel to Can?
    Winner of living small staff: Jinhua City Hospital nutritionist explained, in general, will be attached to the dispenser bucket of water, a big problem, but be aware that the process of filling in health, such as barrels not contaminated; secondly, storage deadline should not be too long, otherwise deterioration will occur.
Electrician job card where inspection?
    Mr. Jin Huali call: electrician job card for an annual inspection to go?
    Winner of living small staff: Jinhua City Production Safety Supervision Bureau Office official explained, Mr. Lee electrician job card, you need to go through specialized training institutions review procedures. Jinhua qualified training institutions there are two: Jinhua Occupational Safety Training Center (Jinhua three in the east); Jin Hua Hengan career consulting firm (located near the former station Victory Street).
Victoria C effervescent tablets have to do with open blisters?
    Yiwu Wang calls: a friend sent me a box of effervescent tablets of vitamin C, I sometimes convenience, direct cold blisters. But his colleagues believe that the brewed beverage is best to use boiled water better. I do not know whether it must use open blisters.
    Winner of living small staff: According to nutritionists introduction, in fact, vitamin C with boiling water, not only can not dissolve better absorption of vitamin C, it will destroy the vitamin C. Therefore, vitamin C effervescent tablets can not be used for boiling water. Because vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, if more than 80 water brewing, it will be destroyed, so with boiling water approach is wrong. The right to drink vitamin C effervescent tablets with warm water brewing method is to keep one of the vitamin C content.
5-month-old baby can eat cold drink?
    Mr. Zhang Yiwu Caller: My daughter has been more than five months old. Sometimes we eat ice cream, I also let her lick or two, and she loved it. I do not know such a small child can not eat cold?
    Winner of living small staff: according to the hospital's nutritionist presentation, children 6 months of regular consumption of cold drinks, there will be loss of appetite or loss of appetite and other symptoms, will not help children sunstroke, but unhealthy. Because cold drinks usually contain more sugar, edible oils and sugar and other ingredients, eat lots of children, can cause loss of appetite child, affecting the normal meal. In addition, the cold temperature lower than the stomach temperature of at least 20 ~ 30 , a sharp contraction of blood vessels under a large temperature difference causes the gastric mucosa layer thinning, so that the stomach to lose the natural protective barrier. To this end, the baby less than 6 months of fasting should be absolutely cold.
Vegetable oil washed down how your pants?
    Ms. Jin Huahong Caller: I do not accidentally vegetable oil poured on the pants. How can we clean?
    Winner of living small staff: Jinhua, a laundry service company staff recommended Ms. Hong wash with detergent that, if there is mimeographed, you can only get a professional laundry dry cleaning.
Wood floor inundation projections how to do?
    Jinhua, a reader call: my family's wooden floor, near the toilet piece of flooding, the edges are protruding, do not know what measures can be restored?
    Winner of living small staff: If anyone has a good approach avid reader or suggestions, please call to let me know.
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